coPhilly Presents #PHLMade Demo Day

#PHLMade Demo Day is a one-day exhibition to celebrate design, technology, and arts projects developed by Philadelphia-based makers and startups, providing them with a forum to receive exposure, feedback, and funding for their projects and businesses both online and offline.  Exhibitors include visual artists, musicians, game designers, fashion designers, technology startups, craft makers, filmmakers, thespians, and foodpreneurs.

During #PHLMade Demo Day many of the exhibitors promote live crowdfunding campaigns using websites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo in order to raise funding for their projects  and have the opportunity to display or sell their goods and services on-site at the festival as well as pitch their business ideas to angel investors in attendance. 

View news and media about the recent PHLMade Demo Day event sponsored by PHLMade and hosted by coPhilly,  CityCoHo and Philly Nexus. Philly: Inside coPhilly’s #PHLMade Demo Day Philly Article by Jason Sherman
The daylong event showcased more than 20 early-stage companies, including members of the coPhilly accelerator program.


SeventySix Capital Managing Partner Wayne Kimmel, center, talking with an entrepreneur. (Photo by Jason Sherman)
From investors to artists, coPhilly’s #PHLMade Demo Day gathered a vibrant cross-section of Philadelphia makers and doers. The daylong eventshowcased more than 20 early-stage companies, including members of thecoPhilly accelerator program.The Saturday event, held Aug. 16 at coworking space CityCoHo, gave the companies the chance to show off their wares, including products such asTechSquare’s new PowerKnots, which keep smartphones fully charged on the go.“It’s nice to see people supporting the Philadelphia tech scene,” said Devon Logan, founder and CEO of TechSquare. “I’m excited to launch my product here and subsequently on Indiegogo in the coming weeks.”

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A handful of products debuted at the event. Coffee was served by café-slash-life skills training program The Monkey & The Elephant. Many entrepreneurs were seeking advice or suggestions. Most were in the early stages of their bootstrapped startups. Morgan Berman, founder of sustainable local living platform MilkCrate, said the event was a great opportunity to interact with new people — including potential customers, supporters and VCs. “We were really excited to chat with other startups and hear about their successes and learn from their struggles,” Berman said. “I’m really looking forward to being more involved in the tech scene and helping the sustainable community grow and gain more awareness.”

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Wayne Kimmel, managing partner of SeventySix Capital, took the time to speak with each entrepreneur to learn more about their business. “I was extremely impressed with the entrepreneurs and companies that I met at Demo Day at CityCoHo,” Kimmel said. “[coPhilly Founder] Kevin Provost and his team did a great job. I was really excited to hear that so many of the companies were going to use my portfolio company, Indiegogo, for their crowdfunding campaigns.”


Jason ShermanJason Sherman is an entrepreneur who writes about tech startups for Philly and the Examiner, where he has contributed since March of 2012. The founder of mobile video dating app Instamour, he is the official videographer for StartupGrind, Philly New Technology Meetup and a frequent tech community volunteer. He majored in Computer Science at Delaware Valley College during the dot com boom. He loves all things tech, art, music, film, food and his Shih Tzu Wolfgang.

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